Just as we thought things were quiet with nothing new to report, the Priory owner stepped in to raise the profile again so we are grateful for that. Readers may have seen the two-page spreads in the Gazette newspapers of 6th and 7th June in which Mr Sargeant restated his case for building 300 (actually 332) houses in order to raise funds to execute The Master Plan and ensure the Priory lasts for a thousand years. There’s nothing new. We have heard it all before apart from his complaint that English Heritage‘s estimate of the cost of repairs is not sufficient. He appears not to have noticed the ‘elephant in the room’ i.e. the damning report from English Heritage to TDC which concludes with the statement that they, “recommend that your Council should refuse all these applications”. A full copy of this report can be found on the TDC Planning website – search for ‘Priory’ and look at the ‘Documents’ attached to any of the planning applications. Mr Sargeant claims that ‘a lot of the opposition from some villagers comes as a result of misinformation’. We beg to differ. There is no misinformation or misunderstanding on our behalf. We fully understand the proposals and the information is clear for all to... Latest News

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Now 332 Houses imagine the crossroads!!

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